We are all our own worst critics. We see these amazing wow images that other photographers post on line or on social media and go into our next session determined to create an ENTIRE session filled with those wow images. The truth is, most successful photographers may get a handful of "wow" images all year! And in our quest to create a masterpiece with every single click of our camera, we may miss out on the opportunity to create an entire series of solid, beautiful, simple work that will fill an entire album or make up a large wall collection. A series of solid images will always be more profitable financially than one single "wow' image because it gives you the opportunity to sell more to your client. In this week's new episode, we share a boudoir session where Jerry photographs a series a beautiful but very simply created portraits. And then when he knew he had the potential for something special, he slowed everything down and took his time.

SLOW DOWN. That's Jerry's number 1 best piece of advice to photographers is to slow down. When you do that, you give yourself the opportunity to pay attention to the details that will turn an image from good to great. We so hope you enjoy watching the creative process this week!

See it here: Chiara boudoir