So it's been just about a month since launch and we have not only added new content but have added new features and have lots of exciting things in the pipeline as well. Have you enjoyed the site so far? What are your thoughts on the weekly live broadcast?

If you haven't checked in to our live broadcast be sure not to miss it going forward. You can chat with us live on Wednesday at 2pm PST here: Live Weekly Broadcast

Late last month we took images submitted by members and Jerry critiqued them live providing valuable feedback on how to improve each and every shot. Lots of valuable information that could certainly be implemented for your next shoot. If you want to have your images critiqued be sure to reserve your spot here: Image Critique on Demand

Last week we started our series on Business talks which we know isn't as glamorous but so necessary to run a long lasting, profitable business. We have heard lots of feedback on the need for tips from initial consult, pricing, marketing and so much more so we will continue to cover these topics in the weeks to come.

If you tuned into wedding shoots and noticed our new couple Robert and Melissa, we have just added Groom's Coverage which includes a great balance of indoor and outdoor shots. Oh ya, and there's a super cool car too. :)

Also, we released a new episode on Shooting to Sell. Jerry shares input on how to pre-plan for album sales in advance of your shoot which makes the design and upgrade so much easier in the long run.

Here is your full list of new content:

Live Broadcast:

Wedding Shoots:

Shooting to Sell:

Be sure to check everything out. We hope you continue to enjoy this content. As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thanks so much,
Chris Saraiva