When you're in Greece some things are pretty certain. You'll see some incredible scenery. It will be impossible to have a boring time since "fun" is pretty much built into the culture here. And you will absolutely see a lot of dancing. Whether you are in a restaurant, a bar or in someone's home, dancing will almost certainly break out even if it was not planned. Or in the case of this week's episode, dancing can break out in the middle of a cobblestone street and no one even bats an eye or thinks it's weird.

Photographically speaking, this week's episode is also a great lesson on photographing in overcast conditions or in full shade. It can be much harder to find a direction of light in those conditions so pay close attention to Jerry's poses and see how he still finds that "glow" of light and the shadows that add depth and dimension even if those shadows are more subtle.

Don't miss this week's episode for all those reasons and so much more. Check it out here: https://www.ghionis.com/courses/fashion-shoots/lectures/11713507