We love going to antique stores and flea markets to find some cool items and props for the studio. It means that our shoots will be unique as these are often one-off pieces. Sometimes Jerry buys things and then just hangs on to them until the right person comes along. That person was Megan when she was in the studio recently for a portrait session. We asked the makeup artist to paint some edgy designs on her face and then as the shoot progressed we asked her to smudge the face paint and create some bruises on Megan's arms and legs to create a "before the roller derby match" look and an "after the roller derby match" look.

The most impressive part of this shoot, though? It was that Jerry created so many unique and different portraits while photographing Megan just on a simple paper background with no props except for a pair of roller skates. It's a fantastic lesson on how to create a variety of images for your client when you don't have the time or ability to go to multiple locations. You can still create a diverse body of work using cropping, composition and story telling in your portraits. Check it out the entire episode here: https://www.ghionis.com/courses/portrait-photography/lectures/12170754