"Practice, practice, practice."

"Practice makes perfect."

We've heard it all and we know that's what you need to do in order to master your craft. But how do you know when you've practiced enough? Well, never. A perfect case in point is Jerry - he's been photographing professionally for 26 years and takes his practice sessions so seriously that we schedule them in advance and put them to the calendar so that nothing else can be scheduled during that time. During his sessions he can either be practicing a new lighting technique that he isn't familiar with, some new posing ideas, or as in the case of this week's episode, nothing at all in particular. Just plain old practice time. Jerry loves to say that Roger Federer wouldn't be a world class champion if he only practiced at tournaments. He practices every single day. So why would you be any different? Make sure to carve time out for practice sessions and you (and your future clients) won't be sorry!

We hope you enjoy Jerry's latest practice session with Sara - all done in the studio using strobes, softboxes and reflectors. You can jump to it right from this link: https://www.ghionis.com/courses/fashion-shoots/lec...

Happy practicing!