We have so many things for you in this week's episode! We're sharing a portrait session that Jerry did for a singer/songwriter and it was requested that Jerry get as many different looks for promotional material. So you'll get to see Jerry work in bright sun, outdoors using reflected light (off a wall), window light, studio softoxes - all in one episode! He'll capture portraits that create movement and some that don't.

And for anyone who believes that not having a dedicated studio will hurt your business, keep in mind that we photographed this singer/songwriter in our small apartment, where we had a guest bedroom set up as a studio. But the rest of the images were taken on our balcony, in our hallway - and even in our tiny kitchen!! It's all about where the light is.

Go check out this week's episode here: https://www.ghionis.com/courses/fashion-shoots/lectures/2240289