You guys asked for it and we were finally able to deliver it! After learning about Jerry's techniques for album sales, many of you have said that it would be really awesome to see an actual album appointment. Which presents the problem of how to record a session? We finally got permission from a couple that Jerry had an appointment with a few weeks ago. If you have been watching Jerry design Ella and Lachlan's album during the live broadcasts recently, then you've seen this album come together.

And if you haven't seen it, definitely start here so you get the full story:
- Live album design - Part 1
- Live album design - Part 2
- Live album design - Part 3

And starting on Wednesday you'll get to watch Jerry present this album design to the couple! It's the first time we've ever been able to do that and we are so excited. So make sure you tune in on Wednesday at 2pm PDT here: But if you can't watch it live, just remember that you can always catch the replay in the archives section!