Recommended Vendors

The companies featured here have helped make my business grow and have always provided my team and I with a consistent level of high quality products and services. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Nikon - My camera sytem of choice.

Lavalu - Awesome raw/jpg processing and fashion style retouching. If you want to start working on your business rather than in your business, Lavalu is the answer!

Graphistudio - Affordable luxurious albums with an incredibly diverse range. Nothing is a problem with Graphistudio. The best albums in the world!

Bay Photo - Bay Photo is recognized as one of the world's finest photo labs for professional photographers. Friendly service, consistent quality, great color, quick turn-around time and helpful staff.

Westcott - Westcott is a world leader in professional photography and video lighting equipment. Since Westcott entered the photography market, it's been a major innovator in devising professional light control products. With over 600 items for professional and beginning photographers as well as the scrapbooking and film/video markets, we have continued a long-standing commitment to product innovation. Westcott was my first choice when I wanted to see my vision of the Ice Light come to life. Their team is slick and professional and working with them has been effortless.

Fundy Software
- The new Fundy Designer v7 will revolutionize your album design and workflow. I love the creative control I have and the new auto design option makes album design a breeze for newer photographers.

Animoto - Create stylish and easy slideshows in minutes.

Photo Flash Drives - If you have to give the jpegs away, you might as well make them look sexy. Take a look at a collection designed by yours truly where a percentage of the profits goes to our charity, the Soul Society.

G-Technology - Hard drives are the least glamorous part of what we do but arguably the most important. G-Technology drives are the simply the best.

Good Gallery - I chose Good Gallery to create my client web sites because it’s a company started by an experienced photographer and SEO expert who understands photographers and their needs. The best compliment I can give is that if Apple were to create websites for photographers, this would be it. Good Gallery should be called ‘Great Gallery.

Triple Scoop Music
- Triple Scoop Music's award-winning songs and soundtracks can help you to share your story, promote your brand, power your products and grow your business.

Levin Frames - There is nothing like a print photo in a beautiful frame. Levin are the best!

Tave - My prefered business management software.