In case you haven't noticed we're releasing wedding episodes ALL month! We're sharing the coverage from Tyson and Sarah's wedding and this week our episode focuses on the ceremony coverage. Even if Jerry has a second shooter with him, he always pretends he doesn't have one. That's because he's always photographing for the album so he knows what he needs to get for each spread. And also that means that he can be sure the coverage is complete. I

It also means that Jerry gets quite the workout during a wedding! You'll see what I mean in this week's episode when Jerry is literally running from one spot to another during this outdoor ceremony. The wedding took place just next to a pond and Jerry even ran all the way around the pond to get a wide angle shot from the other side. Then, of course, had to run all the way back to make sure he didn't miss anything important. We captured it all and you'll get to see it all unfold this week. Watch it here: